Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Official 2011 - Most Embarrasing Computer Mishap Contest! - (1st Place - NCIX GC!)

Alright so Happy Holidays, there are only 5 days left!

Let's get the season started by starting a nice good ole'd fashioned contest!

Contest Name: Submit your most embarrassing Computer Experience

Prize:  The user with the most embarrassing experience will receive a $10 gift certificate to NCIX Computers!


Alright so this is quite simple really, all that needs to be done is to submit your most embarrassing Computer Experience, this can be anything from having your e-mail account compromised for having a simple password, such as (password).  Or accidentally deleting your entire hard drive.

You need to include:

A)  The incident, including to the best of your knowledge the date it happened, as well as a brief description. 
B)  Resolution, how did you solve it?
C)  What did you learn from that experience?

and finalllyyy..

D)   I'd like a picture of the event, or a mock up impression of how you reacted when this happened! (Humour scores points).  This can be either genuine, or fabricated in Paint or whichever Graphics program you happen to use!

Simple right?

Next the top 5 entries will be taken and reviewed.  Finalists will be reviewed and notified on the Blog in 1 weeks time. 

We'll then open up the polls and let the users decide!  We'll be sure to create a link to the entry so users can read your tales and when the contest finally closes there will be links created to some of the other finalists!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Remember, no cheating or lying!  Fictitious stories will be disqualified, we can tell you know! :)


As per request: Z5T5QPHW5XM3 to be added for site verification.
E-Mail: mreith@gmail.com
Blogsite: http://technobloggings.blogspot.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/technoblob (work in progress, visit back for updates and our premiere!)


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